Kiln Dried Boards


Kiln Dried Oak– Quality Kiln Dried oak boards produced from our factory which comes in Grades 1&2. An environmentally friendly natural product, sourced from a renewable, sustainable source. Kiln Dried Oak is dried in a controlled environment until the correct moisture content is obtained. This causes less cracks and shrinkage to the final product making it more durable.

Kiln Drying Process: The kiln drying process removes excess moisture from the oak over a period of time, producing a uniform level of moisture throughout the timber. This helps prevent movement and shrinkage of the oak when used in its final form, making it ideal for joinery products, flooring, windows and doors.

Kiln Dried Oak Information

Thickness: 27mm
Widths: 100mm to 200mm
Lengths: from 1.5m-3.00m
Other depths available on request